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What is a VIN number?
Vehicle Identification Number stands for "VIN". This vin number is a universal serial number provided to every car by the vehicle manufacturer. Within the 17-digit number are different codes that indicate the car's make and model, a serial number, where the vehicle was manufactured, and even information about optional add-ons such as a sun roof.

VIN Check Warnings

When buying a previously owned car, there are many ways for you to get a bad deal from both a dealer and a private seller.

Odometers may be rolled back thousands of miles. It is against the law in most states, but it is easy to do. It is still a major problem in used cars today.

Be wary if the previous owner will not or cannot show you the past repair records or identity of any former owners. If the title seems suspicious, go somewhere else.

If an auto is shipped from out-of-state or received in trade from another dealer.

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Used Car Warranty
Extended Warranty Program

Extended car warranty

A Used Car Extended Warranty offers. An extended car warranty from a auto warranty company can be a lifesaver when your vehicle breaks down unexpectantly. A car warranty is much like insurance for auto repairs. It's a well known fact that used cars do not come with warranties - and many of them break down the first month of ownership!

Did you know that 1 out of 5 used cars are lemons or have been salvaged from vehicles that have been totaled in an auto accident. 2 out of 5 used cars sold require repair work the first month of ownership.

Get a VIN Check Today - Don't Get Stuck with a Lemon!

VIN Check! Get a free VIN check online. Do a vin check to avoid buying a lemon. Get a complete car report online! Don't get ripped off! More than 60% of used cars have hidden problems! It's easy to catch a junk car by checking it's VIN number history. Don't risk your hard earned income on a new used car without checking it's history. Find out if a car is salvaged or has been totaled in an accident. You could save thousands in repairs costs!

A free VIN check will tell you if there are any records on a vehicle. Records on a vehicle can mean several things. If you feel the records are worth investigating, then you will want to order a full report for a small fee.

A VIN check might include evidence of odometer fraud, emission test failures, flood damage, theft history, auto accidents, evidence of heavy usage, including use as a rental vehicle or driving school training car. Many other details are listed as well that can alert you to suspicious details about a car's true history and reliability.

Vehicle reports for clean cars might show the title being renewed or issued several times. Where states require them, you might see emissions or safety test passes. If it's a newer car, there might only be a couple of records.

Benefits of a free VIN check for sellers

Private buyers will be more comfortable buying from someone who can offer them immediate proof of reliability and a clean history record. Avoid having people go check out the car report themselves after they leave - you will most likely never hear from them again even if your car has a clean history. Make it easy to buy your car right then and there.

If you're selling to a dealer or trading in, they will definitely run a car history check before they take the car off your hands. You will want to get the best price for your used car. To get the best price for your vehicle, you should know what they're going to find out beforehand! Knowing your cars history can give you the negotiating advantage that can results in hundreds of more dollars in value.

Benefits of a free VIN check for buyers

Enjoy extra peace-of-mind. You won't have to worry that the car you just purchased will die on your first trip across town. Getting swindled hurts more than your pocketbook - it's stressful and time consuming.

Don't get stuck with someone else's problem. If you know what the seller knows - or maybe more than the seller knows - then you're more likely to make a good decision and not be swayed by someone's smooth sales "pitch."

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